LITA Founder- Dr. Shawn

Dr. Shawn Miller

(CEO & Founder)

Biogenesis, Karana Kriya Yogi, Essene Arch Bishop, Doctor of Chiropractic, Author and Global Speaker on: Biogenic Living, Natures Law, Reversing the Aging Process, Secrets to the Mysteries of the Universe, Ancient Healing, and Natural Health.

It's time to polarize consciousness and co-create the collective consciousness needed to allow us to embrace our unified destiny of balance, harmony, prosperity, joy, happiness, love and oneness. To create inner peace and inner balance physically, emotionally and mentally. Creating health and healing within ourselves as well as health and healing for all our brothres and sisters worldide and for our planet…our Mother.. Earth. With LOVE ALL is possible!

There is underlying unity in nature which we all can become aware of. Every human being has supernatural power, though, it means nothing if we don't know how to connect with that power.

It has been expressed before that GD is LOVE! If that is true, then the opposite must also be correct and LOVE must be GD. Love is the underlying principle that connects us to ourselves, the planet, each other and to the source of consciousness. It is so important that in Charles Darwin’s book, ‘The Descent of Man’, he mentions love 95 times! As compared with ‘survival of the fittest’ he mentions only twice!

Love may not make the world go ‘round, (it has mainly to do with gravity and planetary tilt of the earth) though LOVE does make the journey worthwhile. Learning to fall in love with yourself, our planet (Mother Earth), each other, and all our animal brothers and sisters. Most importantly is to create a spiritual sanctuary within ourselves where we are the minister in the temple of our own soul.

Since starting off in private practice over 25 years ago, personally delivering over 250,000 healing treatments and adjustments, authoring three books on natural law, ancient health and natural healing while traveling throughout North America, speaking at symposiums, conferences, summits and expos on health and consciousness, being featured in many TV talk shows, sharing and teaching at upper division University classes, the mission has been simple and the same! To serve and assist as many people as divinely possible towards optimal health and in the development and awakening of the spirit for well-being, inner peace, and connection to source consciousness.

LITA- Bunni Miller

Bunni Miller

(Creative Director)

With her heart of gold, creative spirit, and her meticulous eye for design and aesthetics. Bunni has been FUNdamental in the development process since day one. Her creative gifts and developed abilities have assisted greatly in the transformative process of each part of the website creation.

While working on this global project and taking in and applying the wisdom gained from the information and knowledge contained within the website and courses, she has grown in higher knowledge in her body, mind and soul. Read more about her personal journey from trauma to triumph and how she has created a life of meaning, inner peace, magic and connection to the creative spirit. Find our more about her interests, passions, and what she is inspired to bring to the world.

Other notable & collaborators...

Payton Jass

Payton J

UX & UI Designer & Project Manager

Coincidence is g-o-d's way of remaining anonymous! With the most serendipitous of events that led to our collaboration, we knew right from that first meeting, we had made a connection with someone who was not only super talented workwise, though, someone who was also genuine, real, and cared greatly for others. This was the recipe to work together!

Although Payton has advanced knowledge and vast experience in website development, creation of algorithms and writing code, his true passion is in user experience! Thus creating not only an aesthetically beautiful website with advanced computer metrics, but a website that is fun, engaging, easy to navigate, simplified interaction and inspiring to use! Read more about his process.

Dino & Erin

Dino and Erin

Tandem Artist Duo

Dino and Erin have truly been the crown jewel. These two visionary artists work side by side to create masterpieces of wondrous imagination, spiritually advanced mandalas and esoteric works of hidden knowledge within our physical and subtle anatomy.

Each art piece creation is a collection of advanced knowledge in spiritual development, as well as a meditation into the deeper meaning of life. The colors, experienced strokes used, as well as the subtle and advanced details used within each creation, serves as a template for a heart opening experience as well as feeling connected to a higher power that is within us all. Click to learn more about this dynamic duo and all the wondrous works that have been created.

LITA Pattern
LITA Pattern